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I don´t know why, but I´m a huge 90´s fan. I would love to live in that decade: the music, movies, fashion, and a lot of stuff more. So today I will bring u my 5 favourite 90´s movies. they aren´t in order cause I can´t pick a favorite.

♡ Clueless (Ni idea)

(1995) This movie is soooooo good. I love it, If u like romance, fashion, teenage drama and all of that things... This is the movie 4 u ;)

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♡ The Breakfast Club (El club de los 5)

(1985) I know this is an 80´s movie but its so good that I wanted to add it into the list. This is an iconic movie, It has the best soundtrack (Don´t you) and the best scene ever (The one they´re running in the halls) You should definetly watch it, 100% recommended.

Breakfast Club and The Breakfast Club image Breakfast Club and The Breakfast Club image

♡ 10 things I hate about you (10 cosas que odio de ti)

(1999) This movie is a cliche but I love cliches so... It´s about a guy that gets paid to date a girl and well... you know what happens next. I think I´ve watched this like a hundred times and i think u should do the same

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♡ Footloose

(1984) I´m sure you heard about this movie or the song... I love dancing so this is like an ideal movie. Theres a 2000´s remake that´s also good so u should watch both of them. I know this is also an 80´s movie but I actually don´t give a fuck so next one

footloose, dance, and vintage image footloose, dance, and julianne hough image

♡ She´s all that (Ella es todo eso)

(1999) Another cliche, like huge. But I also love it. It´s about a bet. That´s all I´m telling u so go and watch it now.

90s, beautiful, and fashion image shes all that image

I´m going to do a second part so keep up.
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