Hey guys!
First of all I just wanted to thank everyone who hearted my previous article about books to read this summer. I know that like 60 hearts isn't that much, but it is to me because I'm just starting to write articles on WHI, and I'm trying to get my articles and pictures more known :) So if you haven't already, check out my other two articles below!

Btw I'm sorry this intro is so long, but lets get right into it!

So I have a list of awesome shows that you should watch on Netflix. I personally have watched all of these, and I think they are really good and interesting.

  • 90210
Image by juu girl, friends, and 90210 image 90210 image 90210, girl, and hair image
  • Switched At Birth
freeform, tv, and poster image couple, girl and boy, and shipping image switched at birth image daphne, lucas grabeel, and vanessa marano image
  • The Fosters
the fosters, maia mitchell, and noah centineo image the fosters, maia mitchell, and brandon foster image the fosters, jude adams foster, and noah walker image the fosters, maia mitchell, and cierra ramirez image
  • Atypical
series, netflix, and atypical image Sam and atypical image quotes, atypical, and girl image casey and atypical image
  • Chasing Cameron
cameron dallas, boy, and smile image cameron dallas, coachella, and boy image cameron dallas, aaron carpenter, and sierra dallas image cameron dallas, cameron, and Dallas image
If your a big Cameron Dallas fan, you will love this show! Nash & Hayes Grier and other cute you tubers are in this!
  • Greys Anatomy
wallpaper, tumblr, and grey's anatomy image grey's anatomy, bailey, and miranda bailey image Collage, greys anatomy, and hot man image 007, friendship, and always image
  • 13 Reasons Why
13 reasons why, 13rw, and ross butler image 13 reasons why and netflix image 13 reasons why, katherine langford, and dylan minnette image actors, actress, and boyfriend image
  • Pretty Little Liars
series, lucy hale, and alison dilaurentis image pretty little liars, pll, and aria montgomery image
Most of you probably already know about this show but I thought Id list it anyway
  • And of course we cant forget about Gossip Girl!
gossip girl, blair, and serena image gossip girl, serena, and blair image gossip girl, chuck bass, and blair waldorf image gossip girl and blake lively image

That is it for this article! If you see any that you think you'll like, then head over to Netflix right now and start watching!

I just wanted to thank Carly for inspiring me to make this article! And you should read her article about article ideas if you are stuck on what to write about!

Bye for now :)