I bet you wont care to read what is written under this, but its okey b*tch, I wouldnt either. Tnx for clicking on my article, please dont judge it to hard. Enjoy!

You know, Netflix does teach some important shit. I recently saw the movie Set it up on there and something the female main characters best friend said really stuck to me. She said to her friend who was crying over not being good enough to wright a good article that, and I quote:

"Of course your first draft is gonna be bad. Its gonna be terrible. Then you know what you do, Harper? You go back and you make it better. But you cant make it better until you actually do it. Your not a bad writer yet. Stop feeling sorry for yourself." - Becca

Therefore I think it is okey that this article isnt gonna be the best. It is my first!
I do not see this as a spoiler therefore no warning.

I took inspo from these amazing articles:

My Cafe: Interior

The ingredients for my cafe would be flowers, wood, white and red details. And big windows so it to feels like you are sitting in a modern greenhouse surrounded by pastries.
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Can you imagine the smell of fresh flowers combined with newly brewed coffee? Dream.
I want the chairs to be ever so comfortable. And they can not be in leather so your legs stick to in the summer. No, soft fabric it is, in either white, brown or red.
The sitting areas would be mostly by the windows, but some would be devided by small, removeble walls to get some privacy. And I would grant you permission to bring a good book or your laptop to enjoy my free wifi!
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coffee and study image books, coffee, and literature image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 chill, coffee, and drinks image
The counter where you make your order would have like a kitchen feel to it. With white tiles and light wood surfaces. With some black and red details. And plants, duh.
cafe and coffee image interior, design, and food image food and tumblr image indie and vogue image


So what will my customers be able to eat and drink. First of all coffee obviously...
coffee, milk, and drink image coffee, food, and aesthetic image
All sorts. From regular black coffee to ice caramel macciato with a pump of magic.
I would also serve the perfect refreshing drinks for a hot day. And of course pastries that will melt in your mouth. Cheesecakes, strawberry cakes, chocolate cakes, Pies. If you are hungry for something with a little less sugar there would be sandwiches and croissants too. And if you want to be really healthy I would have pure fruit and berries like apples, mangos or strawberries to buy.
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Every drink will have its own glass or cup with some pretty print on it.
strawberry image aesthetic, beautiful, and cosy image food, pancakes, and yummy image cake, strawberry, and aesthetic image

Outdoor seating

coffee, autumn, and coffee shop image flowers image
There would also be sitting areas outside in the back of the cafe. The tables outdoor will be bigger than on the inside and be either in glass or marble. Only a few chairs would exist. Most seatings will be sofas. Maybe a hammock in the corner. This is for the people with more company than 2-3 friends. There would be up to 8-10 seatings around every outside sitting area.
Image by ariana friends, friendship, and bff image coffee, decor, and decoration image drink, lemonade, and summer image aesthetic, black, and cafe image pink, quotes, and neon image
Alot of fairy lights and neon signs.


Every girls dream. A super fresh toilet with a huge selfie mirror. Need i say more?
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Maybe even fancy soap and and lotion if no one steals it.
home, bathroom, and interior image girl, makeup, and blonde image


Now to the most important part. The name. I figured I would want something in french like "Café préféré de Bellas" (Bellas favorit cafe), but is doesnt sound perfect. Therefore im just gonna call it "Bellas". Simple and easy to remember. Of course I want the name to be written in a neon sign. A red one.
red, light, and neon image red, aesthetic, and sexy image
Something else I want is for "Bellas" to be open a little longer than other cafes. Like to around 11 pm.

That is all. Im going to be like everyone else who wright articles on WHI, im so original uhuu, Thank you, It means alot that you read this shit. If you enjoyed it, please like.