of course I had to do this tag, they'll always be my babies (no pun intend)

Favourite member.

one direction, Harry Styles, and boy image beautiful, rockstar, and Harry Styles image Harry Styles, one direction, and liam payne image tour and harry image
i love this man more than everything in my life, he is my best friend

First song you heard

what makes you beautiful and one direction image
i think this is pretty standard, this song used to play everywhere and the fun fact is that i hated her and also 1d, little did i know

Favourite song.

Image by ♡ Rinu ♡
omg this is so hard, but one of my favorites it's through the dark, i love the lyrics so much

Favourite album.

one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image
it used to be mitam, but now i think i'm more into four, all of the songs are amazing

Favourite song from Up All Night.

Lyrics, quotes, and song image
i love more than this, it's so beautiful

Favourite song from Take me Home.

boy, broken, and crush image
Over again makes me me want to cry so hard

Favourite song from Midnight Memories.

quotes, one direction, and clouds image
omggg this album have so much good songs, i already said through the dark, but story of my life it's so iconic, the lyrics, the music video

Favourite song from FOUR.

fireproof, one direction, and Lyrics image
fireproof is one of my favore songs forever

Favourite song from Made in the A.M

one direction and walking in the wind image
walking in the wind it's one of the most beautiful songs i ever heard

Favourite music video.

one direction, zayn malik, and liam payne image
this mv was so funny and natural, it's not even their song but was iconic AND for a good cause

Have you Ever been to any of their concerts?

unfortunately I've never been in a 1d concert, but this year I went to harry's concert and it was amazing

Harry Styles, styles, and harry image

Favourite ship between the boys.

louis tomlinson, Harry Styles, and larry image one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image
for a long time used to be a larrie so romantically my heart is with them , but I also love narry as friendship

Do you own any merch?

I have many magazines, a cushion, cds and dvds, also the t-shirt I bought from Harry's tour

one direction, no control, and louis tomlinson image

Favourite Harry Solo Song.

Harry Styles, Lyrics, and medicine image
so hard to choose, but i have a love relationship with medicine, harry loves to sing this song and she is so goood, i hope this bitch release a studio version someday

Favourite Louis Solo Song.

background, i, and louis image
miss you have such pop punk vibes also a amazing mv

Favourite Liam Solo Song.

liam payne, lockscreen, and strip that down image
strip that down is a bop and good to dance

Favourite Niall Solo Song.

flicker, lyric, and Lyrics image
this song is amazinggggggg