FAILURE.This word keeps playing in my head over and over again these days.I just can't help it.At least it feels like it.
To be more specific I didn't get into med school despite the fact that I wanted it so bad.And here comes the point where I am thinking that maybe simply wanting it is not enough,you have to work for it.So I start wondering if I really worked for it and the truth is that every single time I am thinking about it there is always the same conclusion: I did everything I could have done to achieve this goal.I studied a lot and I did my best it just didn't work for me.So then I realise that it is not considered a failure but a lesson.I have to learn from this experience and use this knowledge thoughtfully next year because I've made my decision,I'm gonna try again.
Whatever goal you have set work for it,try hard(at the same time make sure you don't exhaust yourself) and if you don't achieve it try again but make sure you learn from this particular experience,find out things about yourself and become familiar with the process.
No1 lesson: DON'T GIVE UP!

*I hope you have a wonderful day :)