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Hi everyone,
I realised I have never properly introduced myself on here.

pнyѕιcal deѕcrιpтιon
My name is Jackie {not my real name, not sharing my real one because I personally don't like it.} I'm 21y/o If I could describe me in one sentence I'll say: I'm 5′4′’. 125 pounds. brown eyes. Brown hair. white teeth Freckles. Mixed skin.

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I'm a happy soul. I'm pretty easy-going. I'm a very motivated person, I'm Respectful and Big-Hearted I can be a little stubborn. all about you only live once so live it the best you can. do stupid shit. just live.

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art, the ocean, travelling, scuba diving, Snorkeling anything to do with water.

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In my family, I'm the second oldest. I have three sisters and one brother.

Nick ☼ 29
Audrey ☼ 18
Sofia ☼ 9 ☼ half-sibling
Nessa ☼ 7 ☼ half-sibling

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mom ☆ Jane
step dad ☆ Kenny
dad ☆ Antonio