first of all,
thank you for all the support for my last two articles, since im new to making them i never thought they would get that much attention :)

second of all,

im gonna be replacing the names so i wont get confused
anddd this happened a while ago so ive been over it :))

this is a story about how my first relationship ended
i find it funny but maybe its not to you.
thats ok
theres a moral in the end i guess that could help you
lets say his name is jeff.

i dated jeff for a total of three months
it was honestly really great, the best times ive had with anyone but..

there was a day when both of us were sad
something bad happened to jeff and for me it was a family issue
and we both just weren't ourselves

i didn't know he was having an off day so i was being clingy and asking him to give me emotional support and all that
but he ended up ignoring me and telling me to go away for the rest of the day
i assumed its because he was with his friends and he wanted to act cool because they are idiots (no offense to them ofc)

i actually remember that he was acting like that for the past few weeks, but i didn't notice it then
this really struck a cord in me (i have no idea if i used that metaphor correctly) and made me feel even worse

i knew we were going to break up soon (there was also underlying issues that made me think this)

that day made me pissed off at jeff for a while after (again along with other underlying issues)
being my angst ridden self ya know

one of those issues being that there were some rUmOrS of someone liking jeff, who was a friend of mine
which i didn't really mind
becuase those were her feelings

i decided to confront said girl through text (lets name her patty)

so basically she told me she did like jeff
and i was like aww ok
i then suggest that she asks jeff if he likes her back!

to be honest i had my suspicions that jeff liked someone else,
and it would make sense if he liked patty

she told me that he did indeed like her back, and for a while now
jeff likes patty
patty likes jeff

now this kind of upset me because i felt like he should have told me earlier so this would be easier to handle
i mean why date me if you had feeling for someone, ya know?

at this point i know i want to break up with jeff
so i was going to do it
via text

long story sHoRt,
he beat me to the punch, having a long apology about how he likes someone else (bc he thought i didn't know), and how he just didn't like me anymore

i was like ok, cool, you still wanna be friends?
jeff said no
then proceeded a long argument about wether or not we could still be friends
we haven't spoken to each other since

im a happy girl now
people around (family and friends)
told me i seem happier and clearer
whatever that means
and i think i notice that too
he was really weighing down my life, even though the start of our relationship was fun and light and happy

im not saying all boys suck don't date him
just don't date jeff
oh yeah after i told the longer version to patty of how jeff broke up with me via text (this also included insulting me with more colorful words)
she also dislikes him very much

this experience made me and patty closer
and a great story to tell

pizza, girl, and friends image
pretend this is a picture of me and her, since i don't have any

so life is very dandy :)

i guess the lesson here is to
1) don't date jeff
2) don't take break ups too seriously, especially while you are still school
3) don't be friends with your ex, except if the breakup was mutual, or other special circumstances

i hope this story entertained you for a short amount of time
or long
depending how fast you read of course

love you :)))