wahoo hello! i've been listening to some good albums lately so i decided to share my top 5! :3c

plastic beach ☆ gorillaz

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  • god tier album. they will never top plastic beach. has an unreal and dreamy vibe. somehow has very bloopy and fun music but still makes u sad. when the final bell tolls during on melancholy hill its very haunting and sometimes i find myself holding my breath. fav of all time.

isolation ☆ kali uchis

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  • incredibly sexy album. her voice is so pretty and every song is an absolute bop. also she's stunning and i'm a big lesbian.

spirit phone ☆ lemon demon

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  • neil ciciergea is probably genuinely the best man and this album is mind blowing. every song? amazing. perfect. i cannot recommend lemon demon enough.

self-titled ☆ studio killers

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  • another god tier album! the vocals? stunning! the animation? beautiful! every song is amazing please listen to studio killers.

how to be a human being ☆ glass animals

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  • ALSO A VERY SEXY ALBUM. i love glass animals and i would eat this album if i could. it is soo good and very different and refreshing and it genuinely transports you to a different universe.