Naturally our bodies are designed to go through six life stages: Infancy, childhood, adolescences, younger adulthood, middle adulthood and later adulthood. As you get older memories of each life stage fade and only stronger and meaningful memories stick with us.I am currently a teenager (adolescences), and I only have between 20-30 small memories from the age of 3- to my age now.

What is so bizarre about our memories is that most of them are memories that have purpose and meanings, example the first day of school or a first heartbreak. Then other times you get random worthless ones like going to the town or what you did one lesson in school.

People say that days where we experience an emotion to a high standard like happiness, excitement , sadness etc. Then that memories latches into our long term memory. Some people therefore speculate that if we made everyday count and experienced such strong emotion then the fate of our memories wouldn't fade so much, and we can reexperience our moment of happiness sadness again in our final life stage and chapter of our future.

What I'm saying is seize every moment of your life. Even if you have bad days you also have good days. Avicii once said " live a life you will remember." What do you think?