hey friends! so youtube is a big part of my daily life, and since 2013 when i really started getting into it i discoverd a bunch of youtubers that are highly underrated and deserve more attencion. here are some:

conan gray
he is literally a cinnamonroll! he is so positive, and has a amazing personality and i can relate to him in so many aspects. his videos are so aesthetic and his music is amazing.

aesthetic, blue, and nature image Temporarily removed

another super aesthetic youtuber. she is so sweet and cute, and i love her unique style. she is pretty much a magical girl in real life.

blue, colorful hair, and flowers image colorful hair, green hair, and kawaii image

i know that she did a fair share of controversial things, but besides that i still enjoy her videos. they are really chill and she also loves autumn just like me.

simplykenna image aesthetic, grunge, and minimalistic image

cody ko
he is one of my favorite comedy youtubers. i love his videos with noel and his videos always cheer me up.

funny, guys, and cute guys image cody ko and noel miller image

annie tarasova
she does videos about spirituality, life and her experiences. she is so chill and calm and she also does stunning art the you should check out!

annie, duh, and no image flowers, art, and moon image

and that's it. bye, and i will see you in part 2 soon!