So I've seen a lot of people do these "myself as a fictional character" articles and I thought I'd do one too, so here we go,

So her name would be Izabelle, like me but everyone calls her Belle. She's 21 years old and is currently a student. Her mother is Dutch and her father French, she lived the first 5 years of her life in France and the rest in the Netherlands, she also has a sister.


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She would have long wavy white blond hair, very dark brown, almost black eyes, freckles and would look good without a lot of make up. She would have clear skin, a white smile and naturally thin brows. She would have a normal sized body, but put in work to try and keep slim-ish. She would also be tall, and be pale so her freckles stand out even more.


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Her style would be classy and always matching, but for party's and events she can get a little extra and fun. She loves pastels and velvet fabrics. Bags and shoes are her favorite accesories. She doesnt were much jewlery, except for earrings.


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She is intelligent and very sarcastic. She's an introvert but loves her friends and family non the less, she just needs time for herself. She is super loyal and brave tho, and is always up for adventures if she can make it our of her bed. She's also organized and tends to get obsessed with stuff pretty quickly.


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She currently a pre-med student with a scolarship at Seoul National University.

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She lives in an appartement in Hangnam-Dom, Seoul, South-Korea. It has big windows and she lives there with her best friend and room mate.

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She has 1 Horse, names Millionair and a pony, named Vivaldi that stay in the Netherlands because bringing them to Seoul would be too risky. She also had a Pomsky, named EkkoSol and a Wolfdog named Erebor that she does have with her in Seoul. She recently also got an Owl named Nagini, that stays in her house in France that she recently bought.

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She is a youtuber who uploades from cooking video's to animations and from make up tutorials to DIY projects. She also is a twitch streamer, in which she plays a lot of Fortnite and League of Legends.


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Her roommate is also her best friend, they are iconic like Serena and Blair. She also would have 2 boy friends. She doesnt have many other friends but she's very close with the ones she has.


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She enjoys hiking, reading, netflix, drinking tea and coffee and taking care of herself. She also really enjoys everything surounding her job. So cooking, gaming, filming, make up and drawing.

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In the future she'll finish her studies and become a doctor, she'll move to France to the abandoned castle she bought and renovate it. She will meet her soulmate and happily get married and live her life.

That's it, maybe I'll add some stuff to it in the future but I really enjoyed doing this for know