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Welcome to one more article! Today I bring you an article of a complete make-up with good products that I have already tried and loved! This make-up is great for an evening out or for a beach party. Thanks for 4.0k! You can join me on Instagram @wtvjeni. If someone wants to make a collab, just send me a message.

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  • Sheet Mask
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One of the most used masks are the garnier, I think they moisturize the skin very well and are very affordable.

First of all I advise you to use a sheet mask, obviously not to use every day, because it can attack the skin, but when you want to feel beautiful, I advise you! Especially if it is a beach party, you must use one of these masks, to leave the skin well hydrated. In addition these masks leave the skin so soft and look so healthy.

  • Moisturizer
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In addition to the sheet mask, I also happen to be a moisturizer, I love Clinique's Pep Start. Since I already have oily skin, this cream gives me the hydration I need, without appearing any more unnecessary bubbles.

  • Primer
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The primer serves to disguise imperfections and reduce the pores and how we all want to have that glow up in the summer, the first huge help. My favorite is the benefit, the pore professional. Do I find it expensive? Yes! But I don't think there's a primer as good as that.

  • Foundation
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After careful skin, let's go to one of the most important parts, the foundation! Since it's summer, it's not good to use a very heavy base, so I really like Maybelline foudation! At the base I love mixing a little liquid light and I'm addicted to Kiko's! It has a golden hue and when mixed with the base gives a natural air.

  • Concealer
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I love the catrice corrective, the liquid camouflage, I think it covers well the dark circles that I have and also use below the contour (which we will still do) to help score.

  • Contour
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Most of the time I do not use contouring but when I use it, I use a darker concealer or a powdered outline and dash that line at the key points of my face.

  • Blush
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To give a healthy air to the skin I always use the blush of kiko, it's a very beautiful tone! Choose a blush that you feel looks better on your skin.

  • Illuminator
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To finish the skin I use an illuminator powder that I bought at Claire's! At first, it did not have great expectations in the illuminator, but it is very, very good!


  • Shadows
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I use a lot of kiko's loose shadows!

The shades I love the most in the summer are the orange ones, so I just do a light fade with a brown one and then I use an orange shade! If I give it some time, I'll apply some sparkle, but nothing too much!

  • Mascara
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Finally, the best mascara, in my opinion, is l'oreal! I love the baby roll, it gives volume and separates well the eyelashes, so it looks very beautiful.


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As it is summer I love to spend a gloss, because I know I will not have the huge problem of getting my hair sticking to my lips! If I do not get a lip gloss, I only have one lip moisturizer.

Finally I use a thermal water, so the make-up lasts longer! And ready from there enjoy your evenings or summer parties with a beautiful make-up!

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