Until recently I wasn't able to understand what it feels like to let go and why do people find it so hard to do.
It seemed stupid how others can be so "addicted" to someone. Why would you depend on anyone, right?

But realization came to me quickly and with a huge overthinking.
The thing is, we get too comfortable with a person the same as we do with our addictions or routines. When something becomes part of our life it gets hard to just suddenly stop and let it go with no consequences.
You always want to go back to those old nasty habits.

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But it's not always the right desition to make. We should let go because It can even get toxic.
What I mean by that, you must reconsider your desitions and acts so they would benefit your life instead of making it worse.

So, how to know if it's time to let go?

- it doesn't make you happy anymore

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- It feels exhausting

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- You rather do something else

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- It feels much different than it use to feel

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- You rather be alone than with them

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Of course, there are many other points what I would like to cover but for now, these are the main to me.

Letting go is actually a really long process. It takes a lot of courage and can be failed at first.

Eventually, you do it and the relief comes. Although it can lead to depression and heartbreak...

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How to recover?

- Travel

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- Do you

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- Find a new hobby

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- Understand that you can live without someone else, especially if they do bad to you.

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After all, there is only one YOU in this world and you can live just fine without others if you just learn how to love yourself if you learn your worth.

Be strong, brave, bold, be you!