Hi! I really wanna make friends so read this and message me if you want. If I wrote I do not know, ask me about something specific for a better answer!

1. name: Marie
2. birthday: January 4th, 1998
3. favorite color: blue
4. lucky number: 13
5. height: 5' 5"


1. last dream you remember: My dad's side of the family was hiding six siblings from me and when I met them they were all so amazing and we all loved each other so much...
2. can you juggle: sadly, I can not.
3. art/sports/both: I draw, a lot!
4. do you like writing: I very much do!
5. do you like dancing: By myself!
6. do you like singing: By myself!

1. favourite song: it's a secret
2. favourite album: I don't really know
3. favourite artist: At the moment it is the Gorillaz
4. last song you heard on the radio: I have no clue, I do not listen to the radio.
5. least favorite song: the ones that have those little three ticks in a row in the backgrounds
6. least favorite album: I do not know
7. least favourite artist: I do not really have one.