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These were just the thoughts i had while dealing with a lot in my life, I hope this helps you guys going through struggles.

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I hope you find a place that makes you happy, that make you smell the roses a second time, makes you feel you. You need happiness and it can be hard to find under a dark cloud all the time. I just hope you are thinking about it. Every time you see a sunrise, I hope you are with someone special enjoying it. I want you to feel like you aren't alone, i want you to have happiness. Crying is in your vocabulary, you need the emotion. I hope everything goes your way, I want the sunshine to rain on you like no tomorrow. I just want you to feel happy and have the time of your life without having to feel worried. Enjoy the little things , have fun in the sun.everything good goes by fast, but make i last longer. You need to bring yourself back, people miss it. I miss it.Hard times doesn't mean, you aren't worth it. Just keep climbing until you reach the top. Just want you to feel like yourself again. The old you is the good you.

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Miss you xxx