Playlist For the Sixth Month of 2018: June

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(1) The Deconstruction - Eels

"I tell you nothing changes, till you start to break it down."

(2) I Can't Quit - The Vaccines

"You can't change me, can you? You can't offer that much to me."

(3) Mac DeMarco is Surf Punk - Evan Levitas

"I can't cut you loose from these chains of grief, that you can't seem to shake."

(4) Moments Pass - Dermont Kennedy

" Oh I know that love is all about the wind.

(5) 1957 - Milo Greene

"Would it be much better if I knew, nothing about you."

(6) Panic Attack - Liza Anne

"Think slowly, try to remember I'm alive. My body is here and I am inside."

(7) Tribulation - Matt Maeson

"And I think I love you, but I don't ever think I can ever learn how to love just right."

(8) Edge of Town - Middle Kids

"I came a little closer to the truth that day. I heard its call in the alleyway, and the one resounding answer that I could take is that I don’t know nothing and I got no way."

(9) Fly Away With Me - Tom Walker

"Burn our troubles inhale them all. Paint our future on a fractured wall."

(10) What You Do - James Gillespie

"When the world turns upside down you should blame it on me."

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