To the boy, I thought I loved,

I put you and your needs before mine. To me, you were everything, my world.

In my eyes, you were perfect, even with your flaws.

Many told me to be careful, but did I listen? No.

And now, months later, here I am.
With a healed heart.

You took me for granted and disregarded my love. Broke and belittled me without even realizing.

You entered my life again and were so sure I was still the same person, swearing that I loved you and always would. Expected everything to be ok. But you meant nothing to me anymore. You're simply someone I used to know.

If you had only tried sooner I would've made you the happiest person. I would've done the impossible.

You once told me you weren't worthy of me and I fought and argued that you were.

But now that I can see clearly, you were right. You weren't worthy of me.