Today I want to write about something that's really important for me and my well-being:

For me personally, being around other people socializing, lowers my energy, depending on the people and how long it takes. I always realize that, when I'm at a social gathering, like a party or something, and I enjoy the company, but at a certain point, I get tired. Not physically, but socially tired of all the talking and the noise and I need some time alone to recharge my batteries after.
So here's a collection of activities I do to recharge:

#1 listening to music

music, headphones, and world image
I listen to music for minimum 4 hours a day and I get agitated, when I don't get my daily dose of music everyday. Music fills my soul and is therefore perfect to recharge after an exhausting day.

#2 watching YouTube

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Some of my favourites are: Dan&Phil, Jack&Dean, Tomska, IISuperwomanII ... What I like the most about YouTube is, that I get to decide, what I want to watch, unlike watching TV.

#3 getting creative

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I love being creative. Everything from painting to DIY's. My mind can wander while my hands are working. It's really relaxing and after you're finished, you're not only recharged, but you also have an amazing piece of art.

#4 taking a bath

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I don't need to write a lot about this one, do I? Hot water, scented essential oils, maybe a facemask and some binge-watching. It's relaxing as hell!

#5 cooking

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I'm a foodie, but I'm not a millionaire, so I can't eat out everday. The only solution? Cooking the food myself! Good thing it's also fun!

#6 reading

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I try to carry a book with me everywhere I go. A good book can be a better company than a human being sometimes and you can go on adventures without actually having to leave the house. Isn't that amazing?

#7 writing

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Some of you may have noticed that I really enjoy writing. These articles on weheartit for example or stories or poems. I'm better with words, when I can write them down and choose them with diligence.

And that's it. What do guys do to recharge yourself?

I hoped you enjoyed the article,
until next week, take care! ❤️