Life is so short! And the worst part of it is that we never realize until it is too late. There are so many places to visit, so many things to learn, foods to try, activities to do that it is sad knowing you won't get to do all of it. That is why bucketlist exist, you write down the things you are most interested in and do them.

Here is a little piece of what my bucketlist is. Hope you get a little inspire.

Learn a third language

I already know English and Spanish very well, but there are so many beautiful languages to learn! Last months I have been reading about French, so I'm on my way to cross out this from the list.

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Jump off a plane

More adrenaline than this, nothing! I've always wanted to fly and this is the closest way to do it.

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Learn how to sail

I want to learn how to ride a sailboat and sail all around the island (or maybe just the south, the Atlantic Ocean scares me a little).

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Go camping with my friends

My friends are not used to things like hiking and camping so it will be hard to convince them, but we will!

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Get a tattoo

I actually took this off the list because I don't want a tattoo anymore, but I will leave it here for you in case you are interested.

Image by tazylaand

Write a book

Sharing your thoughts with the world. Leaving a piece of you alive in a piece of paper is just incredible.

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Travel as a backpacker

Traveling as a backpacker is a lot more fun, you get to see the places more closely, you meet people, you get to live an adventure in all ways.

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Run a marathon

I already achieve this goal (yay!) but still I want to keep running. I write this in case it gives you an idea for your bucketlist.

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Meet someone famous

Please God! Someone I really admire, I don't ask for more.

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Climb a mountain

I have climb big hills, I have gone hiking but I want to climb tall mountains, rock mountains, been on top of the world for once!

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Play an instrument in the street

I once played the violin in a festival to rise money for our music school. Now I want to play the flute in a street to rise money for myself. It will help me to rise as a musician and to lose the fear of been in front of a public.

flute image clarinet, flute, and music notes image

Go to a soccer/baseball game

I want to feel the adrenaline of the game next to a lot more fans, see the actual players, scream and have fun in the stadium!

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Adopt a dog

I am proud to say I did this! Before hurricane Maria the Animal Sanctuary of my town was asking people to help them hide the animals as they didn't had enough space and I volunteer to hide a dog in my house. After everything happened I didn't had the heart to give it back so I stayed wit him.

dog, animal, and puppy image

I named him Magno as he has conquered my heart.

Jump off a cliff

Did this too! Well not off a cliff but off an abandoned dock.

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Do a split

I have been stretching all summer, hope I get to do it soon!

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I have never seen or touch snow. Its in my bucketlist!

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Meet a wild animal

I want to meet a wild animal without a glass between us. I want to pet and hug a tiger, a lion or a rhino, any wild animal.

animal, cute, and lion image animal, lion, and cat image

Have a dred

I don't know if it is spelled well, but I want a dred.

dreads, girl, and hair image girl, rasta, and Rastaman image

Live alone

Soon I'll buy my own apartment and I'll live alone. It will be great to have my own space where I can meditate and be independent.

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Play in a theater

I just auditioned for college orchestra. Lets hope for the best!

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Run skateboard with the cars

I have always been afraid of running skateboard near cars and that is exactly why I want to do it. Overcome your fears!

girl, friends, and skate image friends, friendship, and skate image

Hope you got a little inspiration to do your bucketlist! This is just like the half of mine, I don't want to bother you with a lot of more ides, hope this is enough inspiration. Remember to be original and follow your heart.

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with love,
Natalia Cristina