Hey everybody!
How are you? I'm very tired right now because I did a lot of cleaning this week. Finally, I got a makeup table, which I had to organize and buy things for it, so It was a long week for me.

I have never been the girl, who does exercises regularly. But lately, I started thinking about that I should really do something to my body, so one day I got up and start doing this. And I didn't stop starting that day. So today I will show you what I do every day.

squats, challenge, and fitness image
I do this Squat Challenge, right now I am on Day 6, so I have to do 75 squats. I started this challange a few times before but I always stopped after the 4th day,which was a rest day. But now I didn't and I won't.
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After doing that I do sit-ups. I do it the same way as I do squats. So I use my Squat challenge for sit-ups too.
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After that I do 3 planks, each one is 20second long.

Other things I do:

  • 20 Jumps
  • A little bit of running
  • single leg drop for both of my leg(10 for each)
  • 10 lying tricep extensions
  • arm exercises

I listen to music while working out, because a good music always brings your mood up. For example this is perfect I think:

I workout for half an hour a day usually, it can seem that it isn't enough but I do it intense. And I can see a difference in myself already.

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After doing my Workout I usually just chill a few second, going on Instagram and chech things to relax a bit. And then I will do yoga for 20 mins. I use Daily Yoga on my phone. Currently I am doing a ,,course" called Flexibility-Level 1. I will start an other one,because that's just too easy for me,but right now it's good for me that I can do the exercises there.

After doing Yoga I meditate for a while and heading to the bathroom to take a shower and then to my bed to write or read.

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I will bring a new article next Wednesday.
Until then,
Kisses and Bye,