Hello everyone!, today I will show you the things we can do this summer. I hope you have fun and all these things work for you.
Well, now, with nothing more to say, let's start!!

see a series is the best option to kill boredom because a series has the power to catch you in the first chapter ... It is also a good option to do with a friend or your acquaintances! I assure you that you will have a great time Some recommended are: Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Stranger Things and more

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Meeting with friends is fun because you can have a good time ... You can also make jokes! Join a friend to go to your house, to a cafe or wherever you want!!

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3. Learn something new
Try to learn a new language, learn to play an instrument, learn a new sport, no matter what it is, LEARN something. Summer is the perfect time to learn something

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4. Read something
No matter where you are, who you are with, FEED YOUR BRAIN!
Reading is the best option to relax and have a good time, besides feeding your brain. Here I leave my favorite books!
The selection, The failure in our stars, Divergent, and more

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5. Look for inspiration and ideas
Use sites like we heart it, tumblr, instagram and more ... You could also make articles!

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6. Watch videos on youtube
watching videos on youtube so as not to be bored is a great option since it is free and anyone can do it.
Watch channels according to topics of your interest for example if you like fashion and beauty you can see channels like; Amanda Ensing or if you are looking for something more varied you can see channels like
LittleWorldOfEline, SadieSaysHey and more

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So as you see I have many ideas of what you try to do

BIG LOVE -Unstoppablegirl