Hello so before I get into this article let me just tell you a few facts about me. My name is Sydney but you can call me Syd, I am 16, and lastly I love watching Youtubers they are my life. This is my first time writing an article on here so please bear with me. So let's get into the article where I will be talking about some of my favorite YouTubers.

1) Andrea Russett

andrea, russett, and andrea russett image fashion, girl, and style image andrea russet image theme, rp, and andrea russett image

I love Andrea she is really funny, and she does different types of videos. She just posted her first mukbang, and she also does a few makeup videos, different challenges and other fun videos. I have been subscribed to her for a couple of years, and she is a genuinely a good person.

2) Dolan Twins

grayson dolan, ethan dolan, and dolan twins image grayson dolan, dolan twins, and dolan image ethan dolan, dolan, and ethan image grayson dolan, ethan dolan, and ethan image

Ethan and Grayson are some of the handful of Youtubers that are real and have always been. They are just really funny goofy guys that like to have fun and are a bit crazy but that's why I love them. The bonus about them is that they are really hot.;)

3) Emma Chamberlain

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Emma is a really funny and she apparently makes damn good iced almond milk lattes. I just started watching her videos and I was hooked after the first one and binged watch her until 3AM. The only other Youtuber i have done that with is the Dolan Twins. (I'm so far up their asses its unreal)

4) Itslikelymakeup

jordi and itslikelymakeup image jordi and itslikelymakeup image jordi and itslikelymakeup image jordi and itslikelymakeup image

Jordi is really talented and she is not only good at makeup, but she is good art. She does “darker” or “creepy” makeup looks that I am obsessed with. Not a lot of people know about her because she is a “smaller” Youtuber. So if you are into makeup videos and are looking for new people to watch you should definitely check her out!

5) James Charles

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Everyone knows about James but what I like about him is that not only is he good at makeup, but he also is good at art. When I first watch a couple of his videos I did not really like him but grew on me and I really appreciate how talented he is.

6) Kian and Jc

kianandjc image kianandjc image kianandjc image kian lawley, boys, and jc caylen image

Kian and Jc are hilarious crazy goofs. If you are looking for videos to put you in a better mood or just to have a good laugh than you should watch their videos. They even post every once in a while on their own channels: superkian13 and Jc Caylen.

7) okaysage

girl, tumblr, and hair image beauty and gtfosage image Image by ikhlas b`en a°mor gtfosage, okaysage, and sage image

Sage is super chill and funny. She does makeup videos, try on hauls, and vlogs. She does other types of beauty and fashion videos too.

8) Sarah Baska

sarah baska image sarah baska image sarah baska image sarah baska image

Sarah is the most chill, down to earth person, funny person. She makes all different types of videos like makeup videos, funny ass story times, skits, some singing videos, and much more. Out of all the Youtubers that have been listed for you to watch she is the one i recommend take away from this list. (besides the twins)

9) Vlog Squad

david dobrik, heath, and youtube image vlog squad image vlogsquad image Josh Peck, youtube, and david dobrick image

I love everyone in the vlog squad they are all so funny and in their vlogs they are always doing something crazy. Even if they are not doing something crazy they can always make the situation funny some how.

If you read the whole article thank you. I know that some of the Youtubers that i mentioned a lot of people already watch but I wanted to put them in because some people may not like them and I want them to maybe give them another chance! I did put in a few Youtubers that some may not know and would like to check out. I know that it was not the best but this is my first one. If you liked it and maybe want to read some more articles by me give it a heart so that i know. :)