I know that the phrase "I hate ..." is very used lightly, but I really hate some types of people and the vast majority of them are those who are very extremist in their thoughts.
This list will go from low to high, so let's start.

(I will put images to fill, pls dont judge me.)

🐙 Only Tags

Sometimes I go to the "articles" section and I look for something to read; But most of them are tags and there are people that all the tags they make are tags. I do not hate these people, I just want to give them a push and shout "Why do not you take a risk and write about another topic? There are thousands of different topics around the world and you always do the same"

🐙Religion is everywhere

I do not know if someone else has happened to them, but there are some religious (in my case they have all been Catholics) who do not tolerate that you have their same beliefs. And his main argument is "your gods are false and mine is true" . That's why I never debate about religion.

🐙I do them a favor.

People that in PUBLIC transport put their music to the maximum volume. It’s always reggaeton, but even if it was a cover of "quatre mains" I want to stab that person in the neck for not understanding that everybody didn´t like that music and after a tiring day we just want to go in peace without having that mentally stabbing all those subnormal with an aneuploidy taken to the extreme.

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🐙 I dont care about the evidence.

There are people who apparently do not care about the scientific method and when you try to tell them that there is evidence that contradicts it, they come out with axioms and pseudosciences.

  • I do not care if you take "homeopathic products" while you do not stop taking the medications prescribed by a real doctor and not a person who took a picture of your iris.
  • I also do not care if there are people who believe in meaningless conspiracies about medicine (of those there are many in the world), but the fact that the TV gives them a voice in a program is horrible, since this makes some people they create blindly.

Okay, I'll leave it here or I'll stab the first living being I see (I do not care if it's one of my plants)



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