we all love a good playlist when driving. right? well here is a playlist that i listen to every time i'm in the car cruising down the road. these songs are not popular but a great bop :).

1. "nevermind" by dennis lloyd

girl, friends, and car image

2. "vanille fraise" by l'lmpératrice

fashion, style, and clothes image

3. "rewind (ft. sophie strauss)" by wingtip

adventure, summer, and vaca image

4. "fantasy-felix jaehn remix" by alina baraz, etc.

board, girl, and lifestyle image

5. "stolen dance" by milky chance

animal, cute, and lion image

6. "september-throttle x earth, wind & fire" by throttle

city image

7. "anywhere" by sigma

summer, beach, and sea image

8. "all the same" by future generations

travel, bridge, and car image

9. "one kiss (ft. dua lipa)" by calvin harris

boat, Dream, and italy image

10. "peach pit" by peach pit

Dream, Greece, and trip image

11. "after the moment" by craft spells

ice cream, italy, and rome image

12. 'sit next to me" by foster the people

couple, goals, and valentine image

13. "i took a pill in ibiza-seeb remix" by mike posner

dog, animal, and puppy image

14. "hard times" by paramore

friends, girl, and car image

enjoy and have a safe summer :)