Hello !
So I love creating things, stories, characters etc... So I thought what better than to do this article ? And of course as I'm a huge fantasy fan I'm not doing a classic character... Read more and you'll see !

Name, Eeli

Eeli is a name that means "to ascend soul ans spirit" in Hebrew it is a very simple and pure name that she loves.


hair, hairstyle, and beautiful image lips, freckles, and face image eyes, girl, and flowers image body, girls, and sexy image
She has silver grey hair, always beautifly braided. Her skinn is pale, versy soft and decorated with a few freckles. Her eyes are bright green and to contrast with her pale skin she has quite colored lips. Her body is thin, light as a feather.


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She is very calm, always takes her time and enjoys the little things in life. Because of her being so calm she seems kinda mysterious but is always honest and kind. She has an adventerous side and often has her head in the clouds.

What she is

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Eeli is a fairy. Her specialty is that she's a soul fairy, that means that she has a pure soul and she is the one who helps all the lost souls when she finds one in any way she can. She likes to identify as "soul healer".


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She always wears flowy lace dresses, mostly in a pale color like beige, pastel blue or pastel pink, but for special occasions she likes to take out her dark red dresses. She loves wearing rings and is always barefoot.

Where she lives

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Eeli lives in a big fairy town named Angelwood where there is a lot of nature and peace but also a lot of other fairies and other peacefull creatures. It's a place where every life matters even the flowers. Eeli's place is a rustic tree house decorated with a lot of flowers and lights, very cosy and girly.

Her pet friends

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She has a fox called Yako, she is very wise and energetic which helps Eeli in her soul quest and they always sleep together. But she also has a humming-bird that decided to make his nest in Eeli's garden, she then decided to call the bird Cissy.

Things she loves/does

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Because of her "work" with souls she has a big need of writing, it helps her to express all the things she gets in her mind. She also has a huge collection of stones and always takes some of them in a tiny bag when she goes out. Finally she is addicted to her little flower garden and always climbs trees.

That's it ! I loved creating my little fairy. I realy think that if I could be a fictional character I'd be like Eeli because her personnality and way of living is kind of the opposite of me, so it is a bit like my dream life. I hope you enjoyed it !

-Xx, Mesu Raion.