When I look at some of the pictures here on WHI I tend to picture certain cities that I could see them in. So, I decided to make an article where I choose different outfits for different cities. In these articles I will show styles through 7 different outfits that will represent a full week in the city of choice.

The theme of this article is Stockholm.

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Day 1: Lighter colors with a luxury feel to the fabric. Makes you feel professional. The cut and fit of the clothes are what makes the outfit feel stylish as well.
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Day 2: A oversized shirt that is comfortable and a bit more dressed up It can be paired with a skirt or jeans or whatever you want. Personally I imagine suit trousers. Awsome sunglasses and messy hair to look more relaxed.
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Day 3: A bit colder. Maybe there is sun but cold wind (probably from the north). This is a cozy but fun cardigan/coat. The heels make the look more dressed up. Light jeans.
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Day 4: Coffee break. Pretty blouse that shows of your shoulders with rolled up jeans. Love the color on the blouse. Pretty jewlery.
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Day 5: Date night. Beautiful blue color. Sporty style with a sexy slit on the side (both sides?). Comfortable shoes, cause either you are like me and prefer flats or because you expect a lot of walking. The shoes also dresses the outfit down a bit, and makes the dress go from fancy to relaxed.
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Day 6: Going to a restaurant with friends. This look is very suitable for summer with "icecream-colors". Sunglasses, a hair accessory and a gorgeous handbag.
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Day 7: Standard outfit. Striped t-shirt, a knot in your hair, sunglasses, regular jeans. You are ready for whatever.

Hope you feel inspired!

(By now, especially if you follow me, you will have noticed I love clothes that are both pretty and comfortable. There is this saying that "pretty hurts", but that is so not true. I can maybe be true in some instances, but it is certainly not necessary.)