This might seem stupid to people who have never experienced a weight loss journey because I could do all this before but this is a way to motivate myself. It’s a list of things to look forward to when I get to my goal weight.

change my wardrobe
I will change up my wardrobe. All the clothes I wear right now won’t fit me anymore so I’ll buy new ones.

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what I wear right now are only jeans and sweatshirt, when I’ll be skinny I’ll probably be confident enough to buy clothes I like

buy lingerie
I don’t want to buy cute underwear now because I know I won’t feel cute in them anyway because of how my body looks.

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buy cute rings
If I buy cute rings now they won’t fit soon because they will slip off my fingers when I lose weight.

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go to a water park
Water parks are so fun but I’m way to self conscious to go to one because of how I look in a bathing suit.

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buy a fancy bag
I really want some fancy handbag or small backpack. The one I want the most is the Louis Vuitton mini backpack.

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I think that’s it. Thanks for reading and sorry if there is any mistakes english is not my first language :)