Some days ago I was talking with my sister about a topic that came from a post of someone on Instagram, who said something about Social Media Detox.
This was what he/she said:
"The reality of today´s society is that we spend a lot of our time browsing our social media feeds. Engagement with social media and our cellphones releases a chemical called dopamine, that´s why when you get a text its feel good.
The other problem to compound it is we are growing up in a social networks world, in other words, we are good at showing people that life is amazing even though I am depressed..."

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This words made me think about it, a lot, and I disccused it with my sister, at the end, I know why I am here , I like edit photos and share those edits , and quotes with you.

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And why I write?
I write because I want to share my thouhgts and my opinion about different topics.
If there something that I ever wrote, for example about Love yourself, and those words made a difference in your life, that´s a good reason.

If there something that I ever wrote, about any topic, and those words touch someone in a good way; that will be enough to stay here and keep writting.

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I think that some people pay too much attention about how many likes, or how many followers they have. Me too, I care.
But, when I share something I have another purposes...
My purpose is to share something that can make you happy, or make you relate with it.
And I writte about many topics, and many stuff that I ever had feel or live.
I found here a way to express my self and a way be happy when I share something with you.

Now that I have very clear reasons to be in social media, what I think about the social media detox?

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Well, I think we must be balanced with the use of social networks,
everyone needs offline weekends, or two hour per day without cellphones, that´s so true.

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Life is happening right now, so , find your balance and don't lose the life that is in front of your eyes.
If you want to discuss more about this topic feel free to message me.


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