These are some songs I like listening to late at night. Hope you guys like them.

Cloud Control- Panopticon

Image by nurxalilova1991
"I don't even care that much. Call it evil to my face."

Arctic Monkeys- Mardy Bum

anime, yuri on ice, and aesthetic image
"Oh there's a very pleasant side to you. A side I much prefer."

Say Sue Me- Dreaming

pink, rain, and sad image
"Dream, dream..."

Bernache- Your Name

art, girl, and forest image
"Say that you will. 'Know that you won't."

Michael Seyer- Lucky Love

love, couple, and art image
"No such thing as true love. Its all just luck, Lucky Love."

Tigers in the Sky- These Days

anime, guitar, and manga image
"These days have grown much colder."

eery- Her

pink, anime, and cute image
"Thinking of her."

spookyghostboy- Really True

aesthetic, anime, and art image
"Do I deserve the love that I've got?"

Cape Weather- Never Say

art and illustration image
"But i’ll never say what I'm wanting and i’ll never say what is honest."

The Fratellis- Starcrossed Losers

kiss, art, and yellow image
"Romeo, Romeo I'm your Juliet. I'm the pot of gold that you haven't found yet."

Kevin Krauter- Suddenly

art, illustration, and girl image
"Tell me when it hurts. 'Cause I can't keep finding out."

Cigarettes After Sex- Crush

gif, anime, and cigarette image
"I love to watch you when you’re trying on your clothes & now you’re all I think about when I’m alone."

SALES- Big Sis

aesthetic, digital art, and illustrations image
"Handbags too short. Arms length. They have a discord. You want to be like your big sis."


art, illustration, and plants image
"Put me in this box like you always do."

Many Voices Speak- Video Child

anime, lovely, and manga image
"And on a fictional moon. I lift you too soon."

Dearly Somber- Hey Old Friend

art, anime, and boy image
"Do you still have the memories from then or has time took them from your mind? I never knew what i meant to you but that's okay."

Matt Maltese- Misery

space, pink, and boy image
"No one wants to hear your misery, they’ve got their own."

Sunday Moon (선데이문)- Mirror

aesthetic, girl, and anime image
"I'm always stuck on rewind."

Tanaya Harper- Graceless

aesthetic, space, and planet image
"Sometimes I don't feel anything."

No Vacation- Yam Yam

art, pink, and aesthetic image
"Why don’t you say what’s on your mind."