Well, I can’t believe that today make 22 years since Justin Bieber was born, really not. It went so fast, seems like was yesterday that I always heard ‘’Baby’’ or ‘’One Time’’ in my car but today I found myself writing a small text to congratulate you by your 22 springs. Lately I’ve been thinking about this and I rebember of everything (even when I wasn’t a belieber), of your voice, of your angel face, of your smile, of your gothic clothes and everything and I notice that you’re a man now, the best man I know in my whole life. You done a lot of shit, it’s true, but you paid for that and I and all the beliebers understand and supported you, as you already know. I know it's not easy being Justin Bieber but believe me when I say that it’s not easy to be a belieber, defend someone so desperately of everything and everyone, waiting months for your follow, like so much of a person that perhaps we’ll never touch, hug, kiss, talk, without being able to be close. This life is not easy, stay awake in the dawn because you will be in a program or for a new song\album you’ll launch, I admit it’s not easy and it is craziness or obsession in the eyes of other people, sometimes i wonder myself why i'm so fond of someone who has never been close but then fall in reality and I remember the feeling I feel when I see you, when I hear you, when you speak and all that. No one understands the beliebers, maybe because it can’t be understood by anyone but we know how it’s like to be like that for someone we understand each other, we support you, we are together by your side, it's all about you Justin, our unification is about you, our life is about you. I don’t know how to survive in a world without Justin Bieber and don’t want to know, you’re my hero, my angel, my little demon, my baby, my lifesaver, my reason to be here, my oxygen, my everything and I need you to show me the light for a long, long time. You’re more important than anything and anyone and you make my life worth to living, you give me purpose to go on, in the hardest times your voice is the one who calms me down, the one who makes me laugh and, at the same time, cry. whenever I have problems I turn to you and fuck, you are the person who has more power over me and I can say I love you with all words and all letters. I want you to know that it should be me holding your hand, that should be me making you laugh, that should be me feeling your kiss, that should be me buying you gifts, that’s all that I want for my life, I mean it don’t make no sense unless I’m doing it with you. I wish one day I can talk to you, be with you, hug you, kiss you just for little time, that will be the enough to make me the happiest girl in the whole universe, believe me. I want to take this occasion to be apologize for all my ‘’poser episodes’’, so… I hope that this isn’t too late to say sorry now. Okay, okay you’re the man of my life I want you all day long, I’m addicted like it’s wrong but I love you more than anything, and I know that I said this maybe once or twice, and by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times. I’ve written me much more than I was expecting so LOVE YOU MORE THAN AN INFINITE HAPPY BTHDAY JUSTIN see you november 25