I miss you terribly. People say they miss a person the most at night but for me that’s not true. The feeling of missing you comes in waves at six in the morning. The lack of your smile at the beginning of the day, the sound of your laugh and your sleepy voice. I couldn’t understand how you could be so cheerful at early in the day.
By the time of seven am the tsunami comes and the feeling of the empty bed starts to kick in. You are not here anymore.
It’s eight o’clock but the smell of the delicious pancakes mixed with coffee doesn’t wander within the house. There is no more breakfast in bed watching the news. The conversations about the world’s problems don’t exist anymore.
At nine I need to force myself to get out of bed to take a shower. A shower we used to share.
By ten the idea of you being long gone settles. You’re not coming back and I need to get used to that – of not having the pleasure of your presence every minute of the day.
Nine pm – the stars and moon aligned and I just wished you and I were enough to stay alright.