Hi guys! This once this is the article that inspired me

And since I really like mermaid and fantasy creatures in general I decided to try and do this. So let's start!

Favourite Mermaid Movie

gif, mermaid, and ocean image mermaid, H2o, and h2o just add water image disney, mako, and Island image mermaid, emma, and claire holt image
H2O: I used to watch it when I was younger, it's the first series I've seen about mermaids! (Although it's not actually a movie ^^')

My hair color would be

green and hair image hair, purple, and hairstyle image girls and hairstyle image colored hair, green hair, and hair image

I Would Own

blue, shell, and summer image jewellery and rose image bones image beach, shell, and summer image
A collection of seashells, also jewels and bones found on ships

Seaweed/Clamshell bra or topless

model and photography image australia, naked, and beach image angel, wings, and celeb image aesthetic, beach, and tattoo image

My favourite land-people food would be

chocolate, food, and sweet image chocolate, sweet, and food image yum+yummy+yummi, recipes+delicious, and chocolade+choklad image chocolate, food, and yummy image

Favourite merfood would be

animals, crustaceans, and lobster image crustaceans, shrimp, and lobster image animal, fish, and yummy image clams, pattern, and seashells image
Crustaceans and seafood

Color of my mermaid eyes would be

eyes, eye, and grey image eyes, aesthetic, and grey image eyes image cat, eye, and eyes image

My tail would be

blue, whale, and indie image mermaid, aesthetic, and ocean image mermaid, tail, and ocean image mermaid, blue, and background image
Light Blue

I'd love to

digital art, etsy, and fine art image turtle, ocean, and coral image analog, australia, and Cairns image concept art, underwater, and ac black flag image
Explore shipwrecks and coral reefs

Well, that's it. Thanks for readind and if you've enjoyed this you can read my other articles (if you want)

Have a good day! ^^