A knock on my front door sends the dogs into a frenzy. “It’s just the mailman.” I say walking down the stairs to get the package. A small box with holes on my welcome mat greats me. I set the box down and open it. Out pops Baby Anger red and boiling. Do not call him cute. He does not like the word cute. A look back in the box finds the shy Baby Sadness. Small and hopeless. They take turns following me around the house like puppies. Baby Anger nips at my ankles while talking to friends letting himself be known. Baby Sadness curls up next to me in bed keeping the blankets warm and cozy. I soon grow tired of the back and forth. From being slightly annoyed by everything to moping around.
I remember the package and go to find it. In the pile of recycling that is my thoughts the box that contained the babies is right at the top. I search all over but I can't find my own address let alone someone to return it to. I sit on the floor defeated being bested by these babies once again. So I take charge and send them to their cages. Pee pads, food, water, and toys everything a pet needs. Just because I want to give them back doesn't mean I want them to die. They are a part of the family that makes up me. I run away for a few hours, go do errands, watch a movie and when I come back there still there right where I left them. I sit down at my bed computer out and I start searching for shelters.