Magic is in little things and inside you. The magic are where you found peace, love and happiness.
You can found magic:

1. On the first sip of coffee in the morning.

cofe image

2. In the sounds of the birds.

aesthetic, photos, and birds image

3. When the sun shine on your skin and you feel the hot.

flowers and sun image

4. When you go running bicycle and you stop to watch the nature.

girl, bike, and nature image

5. When you discover a new song and you can't stop replaying the song.

girl, music, and dance image

6. The sound when the rain fall.

green, rain, and window image

7. When the flowers grow.

flowers, sky, and pink image

8. Looking at the stars.

stars, love, and couple image

9. The sound of the waves.

waves, sea, and summer image

10. When you go out to visit a new place.

travel, girl, and map image

Magic are in anywhere. Just enjoy the little things that make everything magical. The question is: have you noticed how wonderful the world is and your life? If you've done it, you've probably noticed the magic.

Where do you find magic? 💕