Happy Friday everyone!(:

if i were...

  • A Flower
rose, flowers, and red image rose, flowers, and red image beautiful, flower, and foto image grunge, hipster, and pink image
a rose
  • An Element
red, fire, and lips image aesthetic and fire image fire, lips, and grunge image quotes, yellow, and ️lorde image
fire because i'm a hot head and its alluring
  • A Color
beach, summer, and ocean image water, grunge, and blue image fashion, blue, and jeans image stars, night, and sky image
blue, its beautiful and i feel so calm when i look at it
  • A Season
aesthetic, spring, and tropic image beach, luxurious, and luxury image summer, watermelon, and food image style, clothes, and summer image
summer, because i love the warm weather and its also my birthday season!
  • An Animal
aesthetic, wild, and aesthetics image aesthetic, africa, and animal image africa, animals, and authentic image cute, lion, and animal image
a lion, also my zodiac sign
  • A Greek Goddess
makeup, pearls, and tumblr image pearls, aesthetic, and shell image pink, aesthetic, and water image jewelry, lace, and necklace image
Aphrodite because why not?

well, i hoped you liked this! follow me for more!