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"If you could run away, where would you go?"
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I would go through everything my feet and pockets could hold.

Image by bee

I would walk to the end of the world ...

aesthetic, city, and europe image travel, city, and palm trees image
Vers la fin du monde.

I would ride a bus, train, taxi, an airplane, bicycle ...

Greece, sea, and summer image Image by leni
Roll um die Welt.

Everything to reach hundreds of places ...

quotes, travel, and phrases image funny, adventure, and tumblr image brunette, hair, and travel image architecture, fantasy, and wallpaper image
Omni orbis parte peracta est.

To lose myself in a forest, to swim adrift, to wander through a city, to climb a mountain...

nature, forest, and tree image beach, nature, and ocean image
לאבד את עצמך ביער

Everything I need would be inside a backpack ...

girl, fruit, and kanken image backpack, blanket, and board image
배낭에 사는 내 인생.

Wander the streets ...

Image removed afternoon, castle, and hill image architecture, korea, and asia image alternative, art, and buildings image
Sráideanna an domhain.

Wandering the world...

japan, tokyo, and travel image buildings, car, and cars image africa, animals, and nature image Image removed
日本, Deutschland, Afrika, London...

But I would always return home ...

church, city, and méxico image colores, cultura, and guanajuato image mexico and queretaro image family, mexico, and nature image
México lindo y querido...

- If you could run away, where would you go?

- To the end of the world.


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