Things I want to do before I die.


Live in Germany

castle, hogwarts, and harry potter image bridge, city, and photography image aesthetic, aesthetics, and architecture image indie, photography, and vintage image

Visit Nicaragua

beautiful, for sale, and international image indie, green, and aesthetic image cactus, plants, and bambi image nicaragua nica image

Visit musuems

art gallery, museum, and paris image angel, art, and black and white image aesthetic, artistic, and art image art, museum, and aesthetic image

Go camping

Image removed nature, travel, and mountains image Temporarily removed nature, travel, and adventure image

See pyramids and Victoria falls

Image removed camel and Dubai image egypt image egypt and travel image
africa, planeta, and waterfall image Victoria Falls, the smoke that thunders, and zambia (by bfryxell). image rainbow, waterfall, and brazil image waterfall, jump, and nature image

Swim with sharks

summer, beach, and braid image ocean, turquoise, and ocean blue image shark, ocean, and sea image shark, aesthetic, and blue image

See the cherry blossom in Japan

flowers, pink, and beautiful image flowers, house, and pink image aesthetic, beauty, and blue image japan, sakura, and photography image

Try scottish whisky

chocolate, jack daniels, and spoon image Bebidas, daniels, and drink image vintage, cigarette, and drink image Mature image
Ani Tyrell
Ani Tyrell