I used to be a happy go lucky person but then my expectations led me to become something that I wasn't. I try everyday that I will Smile I will become a better person then the next morning I am the same bad person. I try to find myself but then I have lost myself somewhere where I am not able to find myself. I hate the way things are going and what I am becoming is the worst. I want to become the same old me who was happy with what she had. The things I was looking for were never meant to be and the things those were meant to be I ruined them. When did I become this selfish person I hate myself every single second that why I am like this. Some things are meant to be and you can never change them but the lessons those things teaches us are with us. So in the end no matter what I'll always try and I'll never give up. Things will take time but I know one day everything will be fine :)