this is a challenge by @dontbuymeflowers_ where for 14 days i will write letters to different people. maybe this way i can put what i feel out.

day six: someone i want to be forgiven by

[i can sometimes treat the people that i love like jewelry]

we create our own universe. i layed in your arms and made them my place. i messed up. i miss you. today the empty space in my bed that used to be yours, seems even bigger.

you came into my life when i was badly hurt. you were there for me when no one else was. i fell in love with your good heart, but it was not enough. i was selfish and blind. i never meant to hurt you, i should never have gotten you into this situation, and i should have been honest with you. i left you, i gave you hope and i took you away. i let you get involved and i went back into the arms of those who hurt me. and worst of all... i betrayed your trust.
i'm sorry for all the times i couldn't meet your needs, and for blaming you. i'm sorry for not appreciating your qualities and ignoring you when you tried to help me...
you are worthy of true love and all good things. i'm so sorry.