Hey.. I'm from Indonesia and i try to make article with eng language, i'm so sorry if my grammar its worst, wrong, or another. I try my best ! TT

Sometimes, i don't like with my name because that is so weird but now i think it was good and not bad too and... uhm, why i should to hate my own name ? haha, i think if i hate my name, that is super weird right ?:)

When your mom or dad give you name, it is so amazing. Just say thank you and love them, not to hate what them give. ^^

A for Artistic

camera, photography, and photo image tumblr image art, painting, and smoking image drawing, art, and grunge image flowers, art, and painting image art image

R for Retro

red, heart, and aesthetic image orange, blue, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and sign image blue, blue and orange, and orange image orange, blue, and blue and orange image blue and orange image

E for Epic

god, jesus, and blessed image epic, trees, and mountains image epic, trees, and mountains image believe, faith, and god image god image beach, landscape, and nature image

S for Summer

travel, summer, and beach image Image by sündos girl, beach, and summer image beach, summer, and theme image beach, summer, and sea image beauty, belleza, and photography image

A for Aesthetic

hoseok image aesthetic, blue, and theme image bts, jhope, and aesthetic image bts, hoseok, and jhope image summer, bts, and bangtan image aesthetic, jhope, and beige image

Thanks for reading & love yourself ^^

"If you were born with the weakness to fall
you were born with the strength to rise"
— rupi kaur

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