Créanme elegir las 50 favoritas es muy difícil, casi lloro al hacer esta lista, claro, les recomiendo todas estas canciones:

50. Samuel - TEENAGER Feat. Lee Rohan

kpop, teenager, and samuel image

49. TAEYEON - Something New

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48. CHANSUNG - Treasure

2PM and chansung image

47. IZ - Angel

jihoo, hyunjun, and junyoung image

46. DaEon - Get out of my life

45. N.Flying - HOW R U TODAY

gif, kpop, and hun image

44. GFRIEND - 今日から私たちは (Me Gustas Tu)

43. Go Won – One&Only

kpop, loona, and gowon image

42. JBJ - Just Be Stars

Image by aesthetic

41. LOONA/yyxy- love4eva feat. Grimes

girls, k-pop, and kpop image

40. YONG JUN HYUNG - Go Away

beast, gif, and go away image

39. SHINee - I Want You

gif, Jonghyun, and shawol image

38. Halo - O.M.G

gif, kpop, and halo image

37. fromis_9 - DKDK

hayoung, seoyeon, and jiheon image

36. Busters - Grapes

jisoo, chaeyeon, and minjung image

35. Dreamcatcher - YOU AND I

bora, dreamcatcher, and siyeon image


cap, gif, and kpop image

33. JBJ - Call Your Name

joyful, kenta, and donghan image

32. Rothy - SULLAE

aesthetic, beauty, and cute image

31. BoA – One Shot, Two Shot

Abusive image


bbc, kyung, and block b image

29. MONSTA X - Spotlight

dance, pretty, and monsta x image

28. Nct dream - Go

nct, nct dream, and haechan image

27. BOL4 - Travel

starlight, k indie, and kpop wallpaper image

26. Mad Clown feat. San E - Butterfly

black & white, boy, and cute guy image

25. Khan - I'm Your Girl?

aesthetic, debut, and k-pop image

24. DAY6 - Stop The Rain

band, boyband, and brian image

23. IN2IT - Snapshot

kpop, snapshot, and in2it image

22. Samuel - One

aesthetic, brave, and gif image

21. MINSEO - Is Who

kpop, soloist, and edits image

20. MONSTA X - In Time

in time, shownu, and minhyuk image

19. Stray Kids - District 9

stray kids, Chan, and changbin image

18. Mamamoo - Starry night

mamamoo, solar, and moonbyul image

17. Eric Nam - Honestly

american, boy, and gif image

16. EXO CBX - Horololo

Chen, xiumin, and exo image

15. Red Velvet - #Cookie Jar

gif, cover image, and red velvet image

14. ONF - Complete

aesthetic, kpop, and music video image

13. A.C.E - Take Me Higher

ace, gif, and kpop image

12. GFriend - Time for the moon night

kpop, umji, and gfriend image

11. Nct 127 – Touch

nct, mark, and jaehyun image

10. Jonghyun - Shinin'

Image by ro

09. JBJ - My Flower

jbj image

08. Moon Byul feat. Seulgi - Selfish

solar, mamamoo, and moon byul image

07. iKON - Love Scenario

Ikon, k-pop, and korean image

06. Super Junior - lo siento

choi siwon, super junior, and lee hyukjae image

05. Monsta X - Jealousy

jealousy, minhyuk, and wonho image

04. EXO CBX - Blooming Day

Chen, exo, and kim jongdae image

03. Eyedi - Luv Highway

02. South Club - OUTCAST

cool, k rock, and rude image

01. SHINee - Good Evening

Jonghyun, shawol, and mbc image

Gracias por leer <3

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