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It's so hard choose one in every question then i think that maybe you will find one another question with multiple answers // I'll try my best to choose one

mermaid, netflix, and gif image

Fανσяιтε TV ѕнσω

human, nurse, and werewolf image supernatural, impala, and carry on image
it's a hard question but i had to say Teen Wolf and Supernatural

Tнε мσѕт υиdεяяαтεd TV ѕнσω

reign, francis, and frary image
Reign The aesthetics are beautiful and the history keeps you on tension also Mary and Francis are everything

TV ѕнσω ωιтн тнε вεѕт ѕσυиdтяαcк

13 reason why, lord huron, and 13rw image
13 Reasons Why has one of the best Soundtrack ever.Even Selena Gomez did exclusive songs for the show

Bεѕт σρεиιиg σи α TV ѕнσω

dean, gif, and jack image cool, gif, and opening image cool, Sam, and dean image supernatural, season 9, and spn image
I'm just going to leave this and wait to you see the gifs, go ahead SUPERNATURAL, PEOPLE, SUPERNATURAL

TV ѕнσω чσυ'νε ωαтcнεd ѕενεяαl тιмεѕ

friends, ross, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image
Iconic and classic , Friends

TV ѕнσω тнαт чσυ'яε αѕнαмεd тσ αdмιт чσυ ωαтcн

disneychannel, dcom, and girl meets world image gif, rowan blanchard, and core four image
I'm not ashame but the people get confused when i told them that i love Girl Meets World maybe because it's a tv show from Disney Channel and I'm "Old for that"

A TV ѕнσω тнαт чσυ тнσυgнт чσυ ωσυldи'т lιкε вυт чσυ εиdεd υρ lιкιиg ιт

gif, joker, and Tattoos image
I dont have anything, sorry guys but when i decided to see a show i need to be sure that the show will be awesome

A TV ѕнσω тнαт чσυ тнσυgнт чσυ ωσυld lιкε вυт чσυ dιdи'т

actor, bill skarsgård, and hemlock grove image
Hemlock Grove

TV ѕнσω ιи ωнιcн чσυ ωσυld lινε

riverdale image
Riverdale , Riverdale has this retro vibe that i love // Actually i did the If I Was In Riverdale Tag the other day and i'll leave it if you want to see it

TV ѕнσω тнαт чσυ нανε αвαиdσиεd

food, american horror story, and banana image gilmore girls, pretty, and quotes image Supergirl, the flash, and barry allen image Image removed
american horror story, gilmore girls ,supergirl ,scream, izombie ,the flash SORRYYY i promise to continue with (almost) all of the shows

TV ѕнσω тнαт ενεячσиε lιкεѕ вυт чσυ dσи'т

gossip girl, chocolate, and food image
Gossip Girl ,in my opinion is so boring and the people love this show just because Blair and Chuck . Please don't kill me

TV ѕнσω тнαт чσυ иεεd тσ ѕεε

special, technology, and tv series image edit, poster, and fandom image the office, funny, and tumblr image skins, Effy, and cook image
Lucifer The office Skins Black mirror

Fανσяιтε cнαяαcтεя σи α TV ѕнσω

dynasty, liz gillies, and fallon carrington image
Fallon Carrington from Dynasty She is THE Queen and i dont have to explain myself because it's clear ¡THE QUEEEEN!

Cнαяαcтεя σƒ α TV ѕнσω тнαт чσυ dσи'т lιкε αичтнιиg αвσυт

chloe bridges, pretty little liars, and tammin sursok image the walking dead, twd, and the governor image
ben, benjamin linus, and lost image
Sydney Driscoll and Jenna Marshall from Pretty Little Liars - The Governor from The Walking Dead - Benjamin Linus from Lost There are more but i don't remember at this moment

Bιggεѕт cяυѕн σи α TV ѕнσω

Chace Crawford, gossip girl, and boy image gossip girl, boy, and Chace Crawford image Chace Crawford, gossip girl, and boy image boy, gossip girl, and Hot image
I have to say that maybe Gossip Girl didn't attract me for his story but holy moly Nate Archibald and the beauty of Chace Crawford

A cнαяαcтεя ƒяσм α TV ѕнσω тнαт чσυ ωσυld lιкε тσ ρlαч

lucy hale image
Aria Montgomery , I don't know why just i love her

Fανσяιтε яεlαтισиѕнιρ

teen wolf, stydia, and lydia martin image gif image gif, kiss, and pretty little liars image james ford, sawyer lost, and kiss image
Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf - Fallon and Liam from Dynasty - Hanna and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars - Kate and Sawyer from Lost

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