Last year in December I started to write down every day a wish for my 2018 year. So I have 31 wishes and some of them I want to show you here on my summer bucket list.

I think it is good to have some aims that's why I looked out that they are as flexible as it could be so I have enough space to be creative.

  • First on my list is GOING TO A CONCERT because it was the best memories I made last year.
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  • I also want to go to a music festival like last year with one of my best friend. We went in summer and dancing to good music when it rains is one of liberating experience you definitely should take in your life.
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  • Next on my list is to travel, what I already did this year. So I spent two days in Budapest really spontaneous.
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Maybe to one of these two ;)
Now something really ridiculous, but it makes so much fun.
  • Short story: My best friend and I are always searching for a good movie, so we ask my dad but that's another story, we were like there are so many shark movies we couldn't imagine it that they are good movies so we ended up watching Sharknado.
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This movie is like my live, when I think it can't get worser it is getting worse! Is there someone out there who watched this movie? Yes? Text me pls!
Fact: A no-budget movie is better than this low-budget production.
  • A series marathon. I already did some in my spring break but I am still waiting for Lucifer season 3 released on Amazon so I can do a 12h non-stop marathon like I did for last season.
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Fact: In German, it's released on 20th July the day before my birthday

Wow, there are some things I did last year, keep on reading the new stuff is coming now.

  • This year one of my aims should be that I win something. I don't care what, I only want the luck to win once.
Image by Andrea Mancilla
I keep that in mind if I don't win something. Than it's like I am winning experience
Wish me luck on this one.
  • I should be a Roman Catholic, I am baptized and confirmed but I lose the faith in it. Now I am older and can take my own desitions so I am searching for a religion I can define myself with.
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I want to find faith in more than only in angels, I want to try new things.
  • 2018, 12 months and I want to read a book once a month. It isn't so hard and I already read six books.
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  • This year I also want to do more sport to get in shape and reach my old weights again.
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  • Last but not least I want to find my green thumb, even when I think I am not so talented as my dad with plants and flowers.
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Thank you for reading my article, we will see how much from this list happen this summer. Wish me luck :)

Thank you to all the beautiful pictures which inspire me all time. Here is my flower collection, I love them as I do love Trees.