In this article I'm going to say the word <<i love>> 100 times soo yhea and this is my first article so please so love because i will appreciate

➡The beach🌊
I live in Greece and here you have many beautiful and blue seas . Seas reminds me summer

➡︎Swimming while sunset
I found this really relaxing and nostalgic swimming in the sea or pool while is sunset aww 😍

➡︎Summer festivals💯
I looove festivals soo much especially in summer like the water boom festival . Waterboom festival is a festival that you get wet playing bun 😝

➡︎The feeling when the school ends
Yup the feeling when you feel free and knowing that for 3 months you will be free and do whatever you want YHEEAHH

➡︎Color Day Festival
I love this festival so much. This festival i think its only in greece and only in summer.I love it because its really fun ,it has music and by the name you can understand tha it has with colors.You throw color powder and that is really cool

When you are in the sea ,i love being in a hammock because its really relaxing and while you are in hammock you can listen to music or read a book

➡︎Summer by calvin harris
This is a song and i love so much because again reminds me summer and its really nostalgic