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I am the type of person that has a dozen of empty notebooks so today I want to share some ideas on how to fill empty journals. ✎

» Bullet journal

I think that everybody has heard about it. For those who haven’t, a bullet journal is where you keep track of your hobbies, mood, expenses, or you can write about your goals, sleep log or have a monthly spread.

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» Travel journal

Where you write about your travels and trips. I usually put my flight tickets or museum tickets.

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» Sketchbook

You can fill it with drawings, pictures from a magazine or picture that you printed.

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» Calligraphy

In this notebook, you can practice your calligraphy. I love going through the pages and see how my writing has improved.

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» Quotes

You can write quotes that you read in a book, heard in a film or lyrics from a song.

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» Letters to my future self

I think this is a pretty cool thing to do. Imagine yourself in 20 years reading those letters.

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» Dream journal

I think this one is kinda self-explanatory. It consists of writing down your dreams before you forget them.

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» Diary

This I the most popular way on how to fill a journal. A diary is great to write about what happens in your day or life.

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» To do list

Write down things you have to get done that day.

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» Memories

So in this journal, you can write down important things that happen in your life and you would like to remember.

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I hope you enjoyed my article!

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