she kisses the tears streaming like rivers down my cheeks, soft skin damp and cold

"don't worry, love" she assures me, a fist tightening around my bleeding heart. "I'm here with you"

she runs her translucent fingertips down my spine, like a shiver crackling through my veins, whispering in my ears

she sings a melody that courses through my mind, a silky song that echoes behind my eyes and rattles the bones under warm flesh

her presence is oxygen, filling my lungs like wine being poured into a glass, smooth and sensual

but she is also the poison in gas, the thorns on a beautiful rose, a deadly storm sending electric pain in my swollen heart

she caresses my ribs before she cracks each one, smiling as I cry out in pain, the rhythm of a song still spilling from her curled lips

she is beauty, she is ugliness

cold hell and warm heaven scarring my soul

yet she is the only one I trust, the one I turn to and find comfort in although it kills me

she is nothing but an entity of loneliness kissing me with pain

she is everyone who is not here, no one who isn't

she is my lonesome, my dearest friend, my beloved enemy

hello, love