Heyy guys, summer is here and all we want is to eat whatever we want and lay in bed all day but what we don't want is to get fat during this process so here are some easy tips:

1. Keep a schedule for every meal: In this way you are more aware of what you ate during the day

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2. Don't skip any meals: You can skip the snacks (which is not very recommended) but NEVER skip one of the important meals cause then you'll be hungrier and we are tended to eat anything without being aware if will be helpful for our body or not.

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3. Drink water as a first thing in the morning: Preferably 30min before taking the breakfast this is to awaken and accelerate the metabolism.

4. Keep moving constantly: After watching an episode of your serie or after movie go and stretch up or move for at least 2min, or even more
convenient go for a short walk

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5. Replace juice or sodas for water or natural tea

6. Don't eat whatever you want everytime you want: The thing is obvious, so if you want a chocolate bar, eat it! but that will be the "prize of the day" is just that DON'T ABUSE of that little "awards"

7. Try healthy alternatives of snacks: fruit is the best alternative instead of crackers or chocolates

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