The human eye can see millions of different colors, all distinguishable by different shades, hues and saturations. Here I made a list that goes from apricot to zomp, with other curious colors like kobi, xanthic or dingy dungeon. Enjoy!

⊲ Apricot ⊳

peach, aesthetic, and water image pink, car, and vintage image

⊲ Burgundy ⊳

burgundy, red, and wallpaper image fruit, food, and raspberry image

⊲ Coral ⊳

aesthetic, beautiful, and biking image girl, pink, and beauty image

⊲ Dingy dungeon ⊳

red, car, and good life image floral, flower, and idk man image

⊲ Electric blue ⊳

aesthetic, alternative, and blue image blue, aesthetic, and dark image

⊲ Flavescent ⊳

flower, happy, and positive image yellow, aesthetic, and pastel image

⊲ Gold ⊳

Image removed art, gold, and painting image

⊲ Hot pink ⊳

bell, door, and entrance image close up, flower, and pink rose image

⊲ Ivory ⊳

book, butterfly, and pearls image beautiful, nice, and soft image

⊲ June bud ⊳

beautiful, lilly, and flower image activities, ball, and play image

⊲ Kobi ⊳

blue, kawaii, and marshmellow image beautiful, flower, and pink image

⊲ Lavender ⊳

purple, aesthetic, and lavender image aesthetic, pastel, and purple image

⊲ Ming ⊳

aqua, blue, and marine image adorable, cute, and animal image

⊲ Nadeshiko pink ⊳

floral, flowers, and japan image bag, kawaii, and bunny image

⊲ Opal ⊳

beach, landscape, and blue image amazing, blue, and Dream image

⊲ Peanut ⊳

Temporarily removed Image by 𓆙 ᶰˢ

⊲ Quartz ⊳

pink, pastel, and aesthetic image acrylic, beautiful, and gel image

⊲ Rackley ⊳

blue, mood, and water image blue, places, and flight image

⊲ Sage ⊳

aesthetic, green, and fashion image aesthetic, alternative, and avocado image

⊲ Tuscan sun ⊳

yellow, flowers, and rose image yellow, aesthetic, and alternative image

⊲ Ube ⊳

lightning, rain, and mood image close-up, flower, and ayyayayaayyaya image

⊲ Vermillion ⊳

red, car, and aesthetic image 1990, hearts, and indie image

⊲ Wheat ⊳

dress, travel, and fashion image quotes, aesthetic, and you image

⊲ Xanthic ⊳

yellow, plants, and aesthetic image beautiful, flower, and flowers image

⊲ Yankees blue ⊳

blue, harry potter, and navy blue image aesthetic, alternative, and blue image

⊲ Zomp ⊳

hair, green, and pretty image aerial photography, minimalism, and water image

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