i hate to love nostalgia

on one hand its great to remember good mementos with good people

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it's great to see old shows i used to watch and listen to music i haven't listened to in months

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i love to come across a story and remember certain things that it made me feel. how i'd stay up for hours, telling myself "just one more chapter" until I ended the book

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it's nice remembering all the emotions i felt when certain things happened, whether it was yesterday, last tuesday, or even two years ago

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on the other hand, it fills me with great pain sometimes

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the moments and situations that never happened because of this and because of that. the what ifs and the fear that comes with making decisions

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the people you no longer associate with. the people you lost

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the times when everything seemed so much simpler and you would give anything to get that back

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the calmness; the happiness

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- cecilia sv
written on April 25, 2016
(something old that i found in my notes)