• day three; a letter to the ex [friend].

Well, hello, old friend.

For your information, the first four years, after your unscheduled move to another apartment, I even allowed myself to miss you and your presence in my life. Besides, last year I often passed by your school, when I brazenly intendent to ignore a bunch of hateful lessons. However, it is all because I am clearly remember, where exactly do you study. Or, at very least, studied. For all the time, that we are divided by kilometers, I have not forgotten all information I knew about you, your actual personality, even your dark secrets, almost everything, before our separation.

Remember that day, when we met each other in the first place? The ninth of June, 2009. A warm and peaceful evening, light wind barely blew the tips of your blond hair. You on that momentous day was carried away by playing badminton with your father in the courtyard of your house, later on my mother and myself came back from our walk; from her side, my mother briefly introduced us to each other. I firmly grasped a recently acquired magazine for children by my slightly short fingers, and you were smiling sweetly to me. I was always startled by the fact, that you were ten centimeters below me, and your bike was four time less than mine. Remember, this bright red bicycle, flashing in the sun, the one, I used to proud of as a child? I know for the fact, we quarreled a lot over trifles, despite, primarily, the ignition of our usual bickering was on your conscience. Your classic 'if you do not agree to dance with me right now/do something for me, then I am totally refuse to be best friends with you' was always beyond all praise. Well, then, I do not care, do what you think is right, was exactly my previous thoughts, your foolish and preposterous manipulations went through me.

One of the pros of friendship with you were our gatherings. In your flat there was a special aroma, an unique scent, if you do not mind, characterizing its adjective 'cozy', not a large your own apartment, quite spacious, however, truly secure and sheltered. Those precious feelings have been with me through a lot of events in my life, in my heart, when I did not want to leave your miniature flat. However, all our friendship came to a beautiful end, when you moved from that house. Afterwards, I did not hear anything about you, since this hapless day. I finally lost your phone number, but I did not know about the new one, at all. Where else you could be found, also, a controversial issue. Sadly, you did not leave behind yourself any coordinates of your intendent location. Somehow, it even ceased bothering me, breathing became easier.

Goodbye, old friend. I still wish to see you one day.

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